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Always Greener Owners Brendan and Carrie Parker
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Carrie Parker

Co-Owner, CFO, Retail Lead

Brendan Parker

Co-Owner, CEO, Installation Lead

For a few years in the early 2000s, my husband and I lived in California. We’ve always been entrepreneurs at heart, so while we were there, a number of strange things caught our eye: colonics, medspas, scientology, canine psychiatrists… But when we decided to move back home to Oklahoma in 2009, there was one idea we felt we had to bring with us: Artificial turf.

Though it was ubiquitous in California due to the dry, arid climate, synthetic grass was virtually unheard of in Oklahoma at the time – outside the occasional athletic field. We found the technological advances in artificial turf astounding – it was realer than ever, more durable, and more environmentally friendly. Better yet, it looked great year-round! It was a perfect innovation to bring back to Oklahoma’s often harsh and unpredictable climate.

And since my first job was mowing lawns in sweltering Oklahoma heat, I could appreciate the irony…

Artifical Grass Professional Installation | Always Greener

I’m happy to say, it has been a big hit! We have done residential installations in Nichols Hills, Mesta Park, Edmond and across the metro – as well as commercial applications at spots you’ll probably recognize, like Chisholm Creek, Myriad Gardens and numerous churches, schools and playgrounds.

Being outdoor lovers and environmentally conscious people, we also found a great use for all the synthetic grass scraps left over after Turfscape installations. We decided to upcycle them into trendy doormats, wall hangers, rugs, ottomans and more that are now sold in hundreds of stores across the country.

We hope you’ll give our family a chance to work for yours!

Carrie Parker Owner of Always Greener

Why Oklahomans Like You Choose Always Greener


UV-resistant polyethylene blades won’t fade & outlast most homeowners.

Mow No Mo'

Synthetic grass never needs mowing or edging.


Artificial turf doesn’t attract irritating insects like ticks, mosquitos & flies.

Clean Paws

No mud in the yard means no mud to track into the house.

Always Greener

Artificial turf is lush & green year-round.

Save Water, Time & Money

No watering, no time-consuming yardwork and low maintenance costs.

Discover All the Benefits

There are many good reasons your neighbors are choosing synthetic grass – and it isn’t all about the fantasy of never mowing again…

Our Services

Spruce up Your Yard

Artificial turf from Always Greener can transform your unusable, uncomfortable or unsightly outdoor spaces into a lush, green oasis you’ll never want to leave.

Commercial Installations

Churches, schools, playgrounds, athletic departments and others across Oklahoma have been enjoying the benefits of synthetic grass for decades. Ready for your turn?

Turf’s Up!

Hit the Turf Shop to see what’s new in Always Greener’s upcycled and recycled collection of synthetic grass products for your home  – customizable doormats, rugs, ottomans and more!

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