Why Artificial Turf?

Better for You, Your Family and the Environment

Artificial Turf Installation | Always Greener

It seems like managing a traditional grass lawn is a nearly full-time job. There’s the watering, the mowing, the pre-emergent, fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, re-seeding – on and on and on. And oftentimes even the best efforts result in dead patches, mud pits other problems due to dogs, shade, blasting sun or drought.

Benefits of Artifical Turf | Always Greener

Traditional Grass Lawns are a Pain!

Growing Headaches

Too much sun / too much shade
Drainage & soil problems
Irrigation challenges

Endless Maintenance


Dog Destruction

Yellow patches
Muddy paws
Worn paths


Pollen + Other Allergens

Don’t do Yardwork. Make Your Yard Work For You!

Frustration with these problems is why so many families and businesses across Oklahoma are making switch to synthetic grass Turfscapes. Not only does the never-ending lush, green Turfscape beautifully complement any home, artificial turf also requires no wasteful watering, hazardous chemicals or frustrating maintenance.

Once installed, it simply looks great year-round – and you barely have to lift a finger. Now that’s a lawn you can take pride in.


UV-resistant polyethylene blades won’t fade & outlast most homeowners.

Mow No Mo'

Synthetic grass never needs mowing or edging.


Artificial turf doesn’t attract irritating insects like ticks, mosquitos & flies.

Clean Paws

No mud in the yard means no mud to track into the house.

Always Greener

Artificial turf is lush & green year-round.

Save Water, Time & Money

No watering, no time-consuming yardwork and low maintenance costs.

Synthetic Grass

An Environmentally Conscious Choice

Most of the grass grown on lawns in central Oklahoma is not native grass – and was never meant to survive in this climate. Trying to keep this grass alive depletes our water and hinders water conservation efforts. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American household uses about 50 percent of its water outdoors. But reduced water use isn’t the only ecological benefit of artificial turf.

No water required

Water is a precious resource, and the EPA estimates we use as much as 50% on watering lawns – grasses that weren’t meant to survive Oklahoma weather.

No pesticides or herbicides

Since there’s nothing organic in artificial turf, it doesn’t attract insects, pests or weeds – so no need for harmful chemicals.

Extras recycled

Always Greener repurposes all leftover pieces of synthetic grass into doormats, wall hangings, rugs and other cool stuff in our shop.

Reduced gas, oil & pollution

Mowing, weed eating and edging isn’t just a hassle – it also creates more pollution than you would think, and requires gas and oil.


At the end of its service life, artificial turf can be recycled.

Recycled Products Available

If you are interested in using recycled synthetic grass for your project, let us know and we’ll fill you in on the details.

Warranty Backing


6-12 Months


12-15 Years


“You guys created a fun activity area that we use almost daily.”

Justin & Monique Naifeh
Synthetic Grass Backyard Oklahoma | Always Greener

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Hit the Turf Shop to see what’s new in Always Greener’s upcycled and recycled collection of synthetic grass products for your home  – customizable doormats, rugs, ottomans and more!

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