Residential Synthetic Grass Turfscapes

Zero Water. Low Maintenance. Endless Fun.
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Imagine the possibilities of a perfectly groomed, verdant green lawn – year-round. A lawn that you never need to mow, water or treat. A backyard with no yellow spots, dog trails or shady, muddy holes. No more allergies, wasted weekends or muddy paws on the furniture.

Synthetic Residential Grass Installation | Always Greener

Traditional Grass Lawns are a Pain!

Growing Headaches
Endless Maintenance
Dog Destruction
Different Synthetic Grass Types OKC | Always Greener

Always Greener wants to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams – with none of the maintenance headaches. It’s no pipe dream. It’s an artificial turfscape.

Turnkey Artificial Turf Installation Starting at $8-$15 per square foot!

Imaginative Installations

We have installed synthetic turf in all kinds of applications – and with many end goals in mind. We’re eager to take on your challenge!

Back Yards
Front Yards
Putting Greens
Play Areas
Dog Runs
Porches & Patios
Indoor Spaces
Accent Walls
Photobooth Backdrops

& More!

“Brendan and crew are professional in all aspects of their work. I highly recommend them.”

Randy Marks | Groundwork Applied Design
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Synthetic Grass

An Environmentally Conscious Choice

Most of the grass grown on lawns in central Oklahoma is not native grass – and was never meant to survive in this climate. Trying to keep this grass alive depletes our water and hinders water conservation efforts. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American household uses about 50 percent of its water outdoors. But reduced water use isn’t the only ecological benefit of artificial turf.

No water required
No pesticides or herbicides
Reduced gas, oil & pollution

Product Lines

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all synthetic grass. At Always Greener, we offer a variety of colors, lengths, textures and performance characteristics. There are even a variety of different turf types designed to pair well with your pup!

When we meet, we’ll show you all the different options so you can choose your perfect match.

How does installation work?

Though we promise to make installation as streamlined as possible, we are committed to doing our due diligence through every step of the process. This is how we ensure you an impeccable final product.

1. Site Inspection

We walk the site, make sure underground cables and utilities are marked and moved or avoided, then draw up plans for the installation.

2. Site Preparation

This includes excavation and removal of 4-6 inches of existing ground, as well as adjustments to the grade to ensure proper drainage, and additional drains if necessary.

3. Subbase Installation

We lay, spread, and compact 4-5 inches of gravel subbase.

4. Installation

This includes precise borders around trees, flower beds, pools, entry points and other interfaces, then full installation of turf: Rolling out, installing, and securing seams (if necessary). At this phase we may also add sand and infill.

5. Cleanup

Always Greener always leaves your site cleaner than we found it.

Residential Synthetic Grass Edmond | Always Greener

Warranty Backing


6-12 Months


12-15 Years

Why Oklahomans Like You Choose Always Greener


UV-resistant polyethylene blades won’t fade & outlast most homeowners.

Mow No Mo'

Synthetic grass never needs mowing or edging.


Artificial turf doesn’t attract irritating insects like ticks, mosquitos & flies.

Clean Paws

No mud in the yard means no mud to track into the house.

Always Greener

Artificial turf is lush & green year-round.

Save Water, Time & Money

No watering, no time-consuming yardwork and low maintenance costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does artificial turf cost?

At Always Greener, Turfscapes are a 100% turnkey installation. We remove existing landscape, grade the surface, level it, install the product, trim and do everything necessary for a perfect look. Therefore, price windows depend on the type of installation:

Lawn Turf: $8-$12 per square foot
Pet Runs: $12-$14 per square foot
Putting Greens: $16-$20 per square foot
Paver Strips: $25-$35 per square foot

My handyman/friend/landscape guy said he could install it cheaper. Why should I choose Always Greener?

Installing artificial turf may appear easy, but there’s a lot that can go wrong with amateur installers. We’ve been called out numerous times to fix others’ mistakes, such as:

Bad seams
Knap running in different directions
Uneven base work
Poor materials
Not adequately stretched
Loose edges
Not correctly arranged around roots, pavers, borders or trees

Is synthetic grass safe for kids and pets?

Absolutely! Artificial Turfscapes are non-toxic and safe for everyone. Kids and pets especially love them.

What about dog poop?

Well, it still needs to get scooped! We can recommend some trusted scoopers, or an alternative is to train your pup to poop in another area.

How long does artificial turf last?

We have found that most synthetic grass installations actually outlast the homeowner who had it installed, because homes change hands so frequently these days. Our products come with a 12–15-year manufacturer warranty.

What is synthetic grass made from?

Our products are composed of polyethylene blades.

Is artificial turf recyclable?

Yes, it can be recycled in a number of ways at the end of its service life.

Do Always Greener Turfscapes come with a warranty?

Yes, Always Greener offers 6–12-month workmanship warranties and 12–15-year product warranties.

How long does synthetic grass take to install?

Depending on our job volume and the time of year, there may be a delay. In most cases we can get a Turfscape installed in average sized yard quickly. Many jobs are done in a single day. Let’s talk to get you a better idea about timing. 

Where can I see your work?

You can see Always Greener’s installations at Chisholm Creek, Myriad Gardens and numerous homes throughout the metro. Our clients are so happy with their results, they let us show off their yards for new prospects. We’d love to show you some examples – just drop us a line.

Why Artificial Turf?

There are many good reasons your neighbors are choosing synthetic grass – and it isn’t all about the fantasy of never mowing again…

Turf’s Up!

Hit the Turf Shop to see what’s new in Always Greener’s upcycled and recycled collection of synthetic grass products for your home  – customizable doormats, rugs, ottomans and more!

Let’s Talk

Got questions? Want to talk grass, lawns and outdoor fun of all kinds? Drop us a line. The Always Greener team is here to help you turn your outdoor space into good times!

Always Greener Owners Brendan and Carrie Parker

The Always Greener Story

Founded by a husband-and-wife team, Always Greener has been a family-run, local Oklahoma company since the very beginning.